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The following pipes have been reduced by up to 40%. Here's your opportunity to acquire Pipeworks's quality Estate Pipes at incredible savings. Look over the listings and then call or email me with any questions and orders.

Carole Burns

Updated 12/23/19

Click on thumbnail photo to view full size*.
*FYI: The pipe stand is 6" long and 2.5" high where the stem is held. I hope this may help you in determining the sizes of the pipes. And remember you can always call for dimensions if you are not sure.

Click here to view
CL-5 DR. GRABOW 'Crown Duke' Dublin has 1or 2 fills and a chip on the edge of the bowl.


Click here to view
CL-10. BUTZ CHOQUIN 'Belami' very nice small Canadian in an orange stain with the original logo rubber stem, in excellent condition.

Was $65.00        Now $50.00

Click here to view
CL-11. BEN WADE 'Select Grain' #51 natural Chimney with a drop bottom, a very nice birdseye grain and a new rubber taper stem.

Was $150.00        Now $95.00

Click here to view
CL-12. TINDER BOX 'Import St Claude' straight Apple with saddle rubber stem, but a fill on the front of the bowl, perfect outdoor pipe.


Click here to view
CL-19. COMOY 'Sandblast #6 classic sandblasted Billiard with a new saddle rubber stem.    

Was $65.00        Now $50.00

Click here to view
CL-23. CHARATAN 'Special' (L) slightly bent Dublin variation #260 with a very nice birdseye grain.

Was $110.00        Now $80.00

Click here to view
CL-31. CLUBMAN (by Orlik) #37 a natural classic Club with a nice birdseye grain and a rubber saddle stem.

Was $60.00       Now $45.00

Click here to view
CL-32. CELUIS 'Root' 'Knight' #13 nicely done slightly bent Danish Freehand with a new rubber handcut stem.

Was $195.00       Now $140.00

Click here to view
CL-36. DUCA CARLO a red stained straight Billiard with the original rubber saddle stem, but a few small fills.

Was $55.00       Now $40.00

Click here to view
CL-42. EUROPA walnut stained straight canted Dublin with an oval shank original logo rubber saddle stem, in like new condition

Was $45.00       Now $35.00

Click here to view
CL-49. GBD 'Conquest Century' 9518 straight classic Brandy with a new rubber saddle stem.

Was $85.00       Now $65.00

click here to view
CL-52. JARL Danish made half bent in a mostly sandblasted finish with a new handcut rubber stem.

Was $70.00       Now $55.00

Click here to view
CL-90. TRIDENT classic straight Pot with a new taper stem, reaming was a bit rough.

Was $40.00       Now $30.00

click here to view
CL-96. WEBER 'Deep Grain' #755 straight Rhodesian/beaded Apple with a 14k gold band to compensate for the hairline crack on the shank, rubber taper stem.

Was $50.00       Now $35.00

Click here to view
CL-99. WM. WALES 'Grecian' classic straight Pot in a black sandblast finish.

Was $55.00       Now $35.00

Refund Policy:

In the event that you are not totally satisfied with any pipe, please feel free to return it unsmoked within seven days for a full refund, exchange or store credit. You will be responsible for shipping, handling and insurance on all returns.

We accept VISA, Discover and AMEX

Checks and money orders also accepted. Please see the Ordering page for more information.

Estate Pipes


38 Bow St.
Cranston, RI 02905

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