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Pipeworks & Wilke


Here is a list of all the little things necessary to enjoy the fine art of pipesmoking. Now when you place your pipe order you will also be able to order everything from pipecleaners and matches to pouches and pipe freshener. Please take a minute to look it over. If there something that would enhance your smoking pleasure that is not here, please give me a call or send an email and let me know what that might be and I will do my best to get it for you.

Carole Burns

      Updated 08/25/17

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Buttner Reamer with black pouch.    $10.00 each

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Savinelli 6mm Balsa Filters pack of 20.    $3.00

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Denicare Pipe Cleaning Cloths; pkg of 2    $8.00 each

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Pipecleaners: B.J. Long extra absorbent cotton pipecleaners available in regular, thick or brush.    1 pkg $1.50 or 3 for $4.25

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Nail Pipe Tamper.    $1.50 each

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CREDO 3 - part Pipe Tool, the modern design is very sleek and compact. Offered in a black or chrome finish.    $18.00

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Woodgrain 3 part Pipe Tool    $14.00

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Czech 3-part Pipe Tool.    $4.30

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Cork Knockers (for ashtrays)    $4.25

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Pouch Moisteners    $2.00

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Pipe Softees - pkg of 2.    $3.00

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Deniclean - Stem Cleaner    $5.00

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pipe with windscreen
Pipe Windscreens.    $3.00

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Pipemaster's Pipe Sweetener    $4.75

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Leather Roll-up Pouch that is 5 ½" wide and has a gusset which makes it easier to fill the pipe.    $44.00

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Leather Zipper Pouch    $20.00
(Also available in vinyl for $12.00)

Click here to view
Black Vinyl Roll-up Pouch.     $10.00

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Arango Sportsman small matches 2" long. The great thing about these matches is there is no sulfur smell!    $.60

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Zippo Pipe Lighters, available in black or brushed chrome finishes.    starting at $22.00

Refund Policy:

Smoker's Requisites and/or Accessories can be returned within 7 days, unused, if you are not satisfied with the item upon receipt. You will be responsible for shipping, handling and insurance on all returns.

We accept VISA, Discover and AMEX

Checks and money orders also accepted. Please see the Ordering page for more information.

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Pipeworks & Wilke

Pipeworks & Wilke
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