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In many of the collections I acquire, very often there are several to many 'NoName' pipes. I've decided to group them into another "Special Collection 2". I assume some of these pipes are what is commonly referred to as 'Basket Pipes' and others are respected brands' Seconds or Rejects. It is a good opportunity to pick up a quality pipe for your everyday enjoyment or your outdoor adventures, i.e.; fishing, gardening, walking without worrying if they get lost or drowned!
Almost all of these NoName pipes have new rubber stems, except when otherwise noted. Any words in quotation marks are denoting the stampings on the pipes.

Updated 10/14/18

Click on thumbnail photo to view full size*.

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N-2. 'Londonmade' 'Reject' flat bottomed natural handmade Pot. $40.00
Click to view larger image
N-3. 'Made in London England' large Canadian, but a few fills. $45.00
Click to view larger image
N-4. 'Made in London England' slightly bent Barrel, new rubber stem, a few fills and it sits. $50.00
Click to view larger image
N-5. Tanblast Billiard. $40.00
Click to view larger image
N-7. 'Selected' 'Natural' squat Handmade Apple variation with a new lucite stem. $45.00
Click to view larger image
N-9. Straight Pot with a repair band and some fills. $30.00
Click to view larger image
N-10. Unsmoked, slightly bent Apple in a dark red finish. $45.00
Click to view larger image
N-11. Unsmoked straight unique Handmade, in a dark red finish. $45.00
Click to view larger image
N-12 Dublin variation, in a dark red finish, hardly smoked. $45.00
Click to view larger image
N-14. Classic Canadian, but some fills & dings, perfect outdoor pipe. $40.00
Click to view larger image
N-16. Meerschaum lined lucite/porcelain? billiard with a repair band, but a crack up the side of the outer bowl. $25.00
Click to view larger image
N-17. 'Made in London England' blackblast Poker/Sitter. $50.00
Click to view larger image
N-63. NONAME 'Made in England' natural Barrel/Sitter with a new rubber saddle stem. $55.00
Click to view larger image
N-64. NONAME natural chunky Canadian, it has some nicks on the front of the bowl so it is priced accordingly. $40.00

Refund Policy:

In the event that you are not totally satisfied with any pipe, please feel free to return it unsmoked within seven days for a full refund, exchange or store credit. You will be responsible for shipping, handling and insurance on all returns.

We accept VISA, Discover and AMEX

Checks and money orders also accepted. Please see the Ordering page for more information.

38 Bow St.
Cranston, RI 02905

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